The African Teachers’ and Leaders’ Workshop

I am an RCer from Nairobi, Kenya, and one year old in RC. Within this year I have been liberated in some areas of my life. Others are works in progress, as I continue to discharge past hurts.

Each of the workshops I have attended has been an opportunity full of new knowledge, and the African Teachers’ and Leaders’ Workshop in Karen (Nairobi, Kenya) in October 2015 was one such experience. It was full of great teachings from Barbara Love and Fela Barclift.1 

One of the topics was colonialism. For a long time I had repressed the feelings of hurt from colonialism. At this workshop it dawned on me that we had been seriously oppressed and I felt the feelings of hurt for my people who had directly suffered the colonialism. I was able to discharge the feelings, and I am continuing to work on them with my friends for my full re-emergence. We are also working on internalized colonialism, which we believe will have a great ripple effect.

I was restimulated by the stories shared in the sexism and male domination class. It is a continuous work in progress to sensitize the young generation, especially the girls, to discharge on sexism and male domination, and to get more and more men embracing women as equals in society.

Fela led the family work so well. I need to discharge a lot more, as my childhood did not have a lot of playtime. The majority of us were made to mature really fast. Working on this will mean better parenting skills and being better allies to parents.

The concept of contradiction2 was practiced greatly. As they say, practice makes perfect, and I am more-than-ever able to use contradiction effectively. The more I listened to other Co-Counselors use contradiction, the more tips I learnt on how to use it.

Re-evaluation Counseling has been of great help to me, people around me, and the surrounding community. We continue to sensitize people on the need to discharge hurts of all kinds to be free people. I want to thank the entire Re-evaluation Counseling Community for the great organization of RC in Africa, and for going a step further to fund the workshop that was a great experience for the participants. As transformed individuals, we will enhance the shining of the light of Africa.

Rosenell Nyakinyua

Nairobi, Kenya

(Present Time 182, January 2016)

1 Barbara Love is the International Liberation Reference Person for People of African Heritage. Fela Barclift is the Regional Reference Person for Brooklyn and Greater New York City, New York, USA.
2 Contradiction to distress

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