An Accidental Rediscovery

What came to be known as Re-evaluation Counseling was the accidental rediscovery of a crucial part of actual reality. A man in deep trouble, abandoned by all the “mental health” specialists, was taken home and kept out of sight to keep the police from arresting him and putting him in mental hospitals for the rest of his life.

He insisted on crying no matter what anybody did to try to stop him. When he had cried and shaken and laughed for two weeks, he emerged into elegant functioning. This was such a bizarre happening that it was impossible not to notice that something unusual was going on.

From that beginning, explorations have led to recovery of accurate information, in many areas, about what reality is really like. That recovery process is still going on, more and more widely, more and more rapidly.

Harvey Jackins

From A Better World, pages 10 to 11

(Present Time 182, January 2016)

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