A Composite of All the Languages

My conjecture would be that the human beings of the future will all speak one language but that it will have five thousand times as many words as any language has at this point because it will be a composite of all the languages. I think that each present language has in it such beautiful inventions, such exquisite achievements, that we cannot afford to part from them, and I think that happy children in our liberated future will soak up a thousand languages with great ease.

We know that languages do not remain static, that they are in continual change, and that what are often scorned and called dialects are really new languages in emergence. This world language will be a composite and will continue to grow and change.

I don’t think that there is any one language in sight that would suffice. I think they are all too rich to give up. But that is only my guess, and I am no linguist.

Harvey Jackins

From The Benign Reality, pages 45 to 46

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