A Letter to My Newborn Child

Welcome to this amazing world.

We are so glad you are here.

I want to show you the orange color of the sun as it hits ancient desert mountains at sunrise

The beauty and simplicity of the half-moon as it hangs in the light-blue, clean sky, preparing for its exit as the day begins

The sweet smell of honeysuckle sprinkled in green bushes

The roar of a waterfall as it pours over the rocks and begins its descent to the pool below

The loving gaze of one human being to another, a hand caressing the other’s cheek in a moment of comfort and understanding

The girth and dignity of a redwood tree along the northern California coast

The aromatic taste of nana1 in a warm glass of tea, drunk in the cool evening desert air

The ecstatic release of the heart at the beginning of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

The grandeur of the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains as you approach from the Central Plains2

The warm embrace of another human

The silverback gorillas of Eastern Africa

The depth and majesty of our ancient Jewish tradition

The satisfaction of overcoming what you thought you couldn’t do only to reveal ever deeper levels of your own power

The thrill of riding waves3 at sunset

The sweet hour when the sky turns from full of stars to the light of day as the sun pops over the horizon

The ecstatic joy of play

The power of using your body

The joy of glimpsing divinity in a Tosafot,4 and gazing upon a palace in a Rashi5

The vulnerability of your heart, open in love for another

The diversity of the many human cultures on this planet

The confidence that comes from knowing that you have yourself completely.

David Jaffe

Sharon, Massachusetts, USA

1 Nana is a mint-like herb found in desert areas in Israel.
2 Of the United States
3 "Riding waves" is another term for body surfing.
4 Tosafot is the name of a group of Jewish scholars from Medieval Europe. "A Tosafot" refers to one of their commentaries on Jewish law.
5 Rashi is Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, a Medieval Jewish scholar. "A Rashi" refers to one of his comments on the Bible or Jewish law.

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