The No-Socializing Guideline

I am a longtime Co-Counselor living in rural Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA. The four women Co-Counselors here had been maintaining an RC support group for many years. We have recently grown to six, and we seem to have the energy and support to keep growing.

The six of us have been acquainted for many years in various other groups and circles of friends. I understand why it is important to keep wide-world restimulations out of our special RC relationships, and we do a pretty1 good job of it, but it is always a challenge for me to correctly maintain and verbalize the no-socializing agreement.2

The strategy for RC Community building is to reach out to your closest friends and family. I sometimes find it difficult to keep the RC and wide-world relationships separate and to explain that concept to the women in the group. I would love to know more about other Co-Counselors’ experiences with and understanding of the no-socializing Guideline.

Ann Wilken

Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA 

1 "Pretty" means quite.
2 Guideline N. of the 2013 Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities (the policies for the RC Communities)

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