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The Theory of Re-evaluation Counseling (revised 2021)
By Harvey Jackins
An Introduction to a completely new theory of human behavior
Paper: $4
(ISBN 978-1-58429-243-2) 

By Harvey Jackins
The ideas and developments in Co-Counseling, 1995-1999
Paper: $13
(ISBN 978-1-584-29-150-3)

The Kind, Friendly Universe
By Harvey Jackins
Co-Counseling theory, 1992-1995
Paper: $13
(ISBN 1-885357-10-9)
Hardcover: $16
(ISBN 0-885357-09-5)

A Better World
By Harvey Jackins
Advances in Co-Counseling theory and practice, 1989-1992
Paper: $13
(ISBN 0-913937-64-9)
Hardcover: $16
(ISBN 0-913937-63-0)

Start Over Every Morning
By Harvey Jackins
Advances in Co-Counseling theory and practice, 1987-1989
Paper: $13
(ISBN 0-913937-35-5)
Hard­cover: $16
(ISBN 0-913937-36-3)

The Longer View
By Harvey Jackins
Advances in Co-Counseling theory and practice, 1985-1987
Paper: $13
(ISBN 0-913937-18-5)
Hard­cover: $16
(ISBN 0-913937-17-7)

The Rest of Our Lives
By Harvey Jackins
Advances in Co-Counseling theory and prac­tice, 1983-1985
Paper: $13
(ISBN 0-913937-06-1)
Hardcover: $16
(ISBN 0-913937-05-3)

The Reclaiming of Power
By Harvey Jackins
Theoretical and organizational advances, 1981-1983
Paper: $13
(ISBN 0-911214-87-9) 

The Benign Reality
By Harvey Jackins
Important breakthroughs in human perception of the Universe and the empowerment of the individual against oppression, discouragement, and pow­er­lessness, 1977-1981
Paper: $20
(ISBN 978-1-58429-246-3)

The Upward Trend
By Harvey Jackins
Collected writings on Re-evaluation Counseling, 1973-1977
Paper: $10
(ISBN 0-911214-81-X)
Hardcover: $13
(ISBN 0-911214-57-7)

The Human Situation
By Harvey Jackins
A collection of writings on Re-evaluation Counseling: revised edition, containing updated chapters The Postulates, Multiplied Awareness, and Allow Our­selves Time to Grow
Paper: $7
(ISBN 0-913937-47-9)
Hardcover: $9
(ISBN 1-58429-106-0)

By Harvey Jackins
Memorable, pungent, pithy comments
Paper: $6
(ISBN 0-913937-75-4)

Harvey Jackins Memorial
The photographs, quotations, poems, and condolences on display at a memorial for Harvey Jackins at Personal Counselors on September 12, 1999, and an autobiographical talk Harvey gave at a workshop in 1981
Paper: $6
(ISBN 1-8429-067-6)

The List
By Harvey Jackins
Revised edition: “Everything I know about Re-evaluation Counseling (and the world) until now“
Hardcover: $25
(ISBN 1-885357-48-6)
(no quantity discount)

Fundamentals of Co-Counseling Manual
By Harvey Jackins
For beginning classes in Re-evaluation Counseling
Paper: $8
(ISBN 1-58429-073-0)

A New Kind of Communicator
By Harvey Jackins and others
Sixth revision: a Re-evaluation Counseling teacher’s manual
Paper: $5
(ISBN 978-1-58429-160-2)

Rough Notes from Calvinwood I
By Harvey Jackins and others
Second revised edition: the transcript of the first Re-evaluation Counseling Classroom Teachers’ Workshop
Paper: $7
(ISBN 0-913937-71-1)

Rough Notes from Buck Creek I
By Harvey Jackins and others
Transcript of the first Re-eval­uation Counseling workshop
Paper: $15
(ISBN 0-911214-52-6)

Rough Notes from Liberation I & II
By Harvey Jackins and others
Transcript of a workshop for Co-Counselors interested in liberation movements
Paper: $10
(ISBN 0-911214-42-9)
Hardcover: $15
(ISBN 0-911214-46-1)

My Notebook as a Counselor and My Notebook as a Client
Pre-fabricated pairs of notebooks with stand­ard outlines for filling in individual material
Large/letter size
(8 1/2 x 11 inches):
$10 per pair
(ISBN 0-913937-39-8)
Small/pocket size
(4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches):
$10 per pair
(ISBN 0-913937-40-1)

Zest Is Best
By Harvey Jackins
Hardcover: $7
(ISBN 0-911214-06-2)

The Meaningful Holiday
By Harvey Jackins
Hardcover: $5
(ISBN 0-911214-05-4)

Fundamentals Teaching Guide and Class Outline—Part I (revised 2022)
Topics and suggested readings for the teaching of an RC fundamentals class
Paper: $15
(ISBN 978-1-58429-242-5)
(no quantity discount)

Fundamentals Teaching Guide and Class Outline (Liberation)—Part II (revised 2022)
How to teach RC liberation theory of forty-one different constituencies
Paper: $15
(ISBN 978-1-58429-167-1)
(no quantity discount)

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