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An Inspiring Workshop for Young Women

Hey there wonderful women! This weekend Diane Balser[1] and I led a workshop for young women (ages twenty-one and under). It was great to have so many women I love together—young women, Diane, and other young adult and adult women allies.

There hasn’t been a visible women’s movement in young women’s lives, and we are told that since women have the right to vote, are able to have careers, and are sexually “free,” sexism doesn’t affect our generation. This makes it challenging to remember that the messages from sexism aren’t our fault or something wrong with us. It also makes it hard to remember that we are important and that fighting sexism for ourselves and other young women is important.

I appreciate how Diane kept reminding us to use the words female (a word that doesn’t divide women from girls) and sexism to keep our battle against sexism central in a world that tries to make us forget.

She and I did demonstrations with all the young women and heard about the sexism they experience and how they are challenging it. We heard from women of the global majority about the intersection of racism and sexism. It was clear how real the sexism is that we young women face and also how powerful we are together. The workshop left me inspired to fight for my mind as a young woman and take on[2] challenging sexism as a central part of life!

I loved leading with Diane, such a strong women’s leader who has been a solid model for me (and so many others) of an older woman fighting sexism. I appreciate how she has consistently remembered that it’s important for young women to be central to the women’s liberation movement and how much she supports and shows respect to me and other young women. I also appreciate Esteniolla Maitre’s[3] organizing. She put brilliant thought and love into getting young women to the workshop, making the workshop go well, and supporting me.

Mari Piggott
International Liberation Reference
Person for Young People
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


I was so pleased to lead a young women’s workshop with Mari. She was the primary leader, and I learnt a lot in following her mind.

We tackled many issues, including the effects of racism and sexism on young women; putting sexism at the forefront of young people’s liberation; the sexual exploitation of young women, including the effects of pornography; taking charge of one’s reproductive life, when the birth control pill and other hormonal regulation are the birth control of “choice”; and challenging liberalism surrounding women’s issues. The young women were powerful and brilliant. I am proud to be their sister.

Diane Balser
International Liberation
Reference Person for Women
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA
Reprinted from the RC e-mail
discussion list for leaders of women 

[1] Diane Balser is the International Liberation Reference Person for Women.
[2] “Take on” means undertake.
[3] Esteniolla Maitre is a Co-Counselor in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA.


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