“I Can Hold Out a Hand of Unity”

I have been privileged to have some perspective on the relationship between the struggles of South, Central, and West Asian-heritage people and the struggles of Black Americans. For many years I and my African-heritage collaborator and best friend have worked together on projects centered on the elimination of all forms of oppression. We have had many conversations. We have deepened our understanding of white supremacy and how it has spread misinformation about both our groups and pitted us against each other. 

We South, Central, and West Asians can discharge together and look at where we have been forced to swallow anti-Black views and misinformation, where our people and families have been forced to believe the hype in order to “survive.” 

As I get clearer about the effect of anti-Black oppression on my life and on my mind, I can work more closely to build understanding and solidarity with Black communities and show how our struggles are one. I can do this without being massively restimulated when folks of color repeat misinformation to me about my people. I can hold out a hand of unity in the struggle. I hold out my hand to all of you. Let’s do mini-sessions! Call me!

Kayhan Irani
Jackson Heights, New York, USA
Reprinted from the RC e-mail
discussion list for leaders
of South, Central, and West
Asian-heritage people


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