Reclaiming Our Minds and Sharing Our Thinking

Dear Artists,

One of my goals is to be able to problem-solve and come up with1 fresh solutions to each new situation that I am confronted with.

Over the years of leading artists’ liberation, I have worked on having been interfered with when attempting to use my mind creatively. Reclaiming my mind by discharging on these early incidents has made room for me to think and act more creatively and powerfully in the present. Given the complexity of our current world issues, it seems useful to take up2 that work again.

Most of us were interfered with in our early attempts to show our creative ideas. We were humiliated, our attempts were trivialized, and we were silenced and kept from sharing our thinking broadly. Discharging on where that happened will move things along for us. We will clean up feelings that we might otherwise act on, and reclaim our good thinking to share more widely.

Cynthia Johnston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Reprinted from the RC e-mail
discussion list for leaders of artists

1 “Come up with” means think of.
2 “Take up” means begin doing.


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