Shift Due to Discharge, “Magical”

Discharge is an amazing “magic.” It’s wonderful to notice the kind of shift it brings about in our material and thereby in our perspective.

A couple of years ago, I started discharging on the distresses related to my mom and my being the elder daughter. Initially I discharged a lot of anger and grief. I thought I hated my mom. Later it shifted to hating the oppression, because of which she has been oppressive. Now it has reached a state in which I want to be an ally to her and fight against the oppressions on her behalf. This shift occurred because of discharge only. It has strengthened the belief I have in the RC process.

I have noticed a similar kind of shift with my Co-Counselors. It’s interesting to witness and understand these shifts. They give me lots of hope about the discharge process and in turn about life.

S.J. Shashikala (Shashi)
Bangalore, India

1 “Material” means distress.
2 “In turn” means in a related way.


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