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Knowing Our

October 7 or
October 8

September 17-23

There Has to Be a Place

There has to be a place in RC (and outside, too, as we do better work) where we make it safe enough that people can look at the distresses they feel so bad about that they hide them. There has to be a place where we can get them out in the open, where we can admit to each other that we have horrible distresses that no person should ever have had thrust upon them. But we all did, and we are waiting for somebody to remember it and say, “So what? You are still here. It doesn’t matter to me what happened to you, or how confused you are, or what battles you have to take on.* You matter to me. Let’s begin those battles. Tell me how scared you get. Tell me how distant you feel. Tell me how helpless. Tell me the mistakes you can’t forget. I don’t care. It will not change my picture of you. I know who you are and will not forget, in any struggle you have to take on.”

Tim Jackins
From DVD No. 226

* “Take on” means undertake.


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