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Tim Jackins
June 18


More on the Lagos Workshop

Big ups to1 Chioma and Onii2 for a wonderful and highly enlightening RC workshop held on the seventh day of June 2014. I’m happy that RC is opening up now to a whole lot of people, because I find daily that a lot of people in the society need RC, especially in the area of listening without judging or criticizing.

We discussed the environment, racism (even our local communal differences), the elderly, the challenges of young adults, and the elimination of all forms of oppression.

We also had listening sessions on our growing-up experience, and the environment as we knew it then and the way it is today, and talked about the impact of technology on the youth.

In all, it was an enlightening and enriching workshop. Keep the good flag of RC flying, and together we can make the world a better place for all of us.

Mrs. Oge Agbazue
Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

1 “Big ups to” means lots of respect for.
2 Chioma Okonkwo, the Area Reference Person for Lagos, Nigeria, and Onii Nwangu-Stevenson, the Area Reference Person for North Central Lagos, Nigeria

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