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“We Can Make a Key Difference”

I am excited about leading “mental health” liberation (MHL). I’ve led a support group for several years, and I led a daylong workshop for my Region.1 I organize the GLB2 and MHL conference call as well as an invitational GLB and MHL workshop. I’m on the RC MHL calendar committee. And I sometimes write for this list.3 I counsel with and support Janet4 and other MHL leaders.

I can see the difference this work has made in my own life. Without it I might have been permanently “treated” by the “mental health” system. Instead I am here, claiming my right to a life—to living well, with some semblance of beauty and order—and inspiring people with my success story.

A full program for “mental health” liberation is not possible without RC. Basic RC theory is the information people need to understand and do something about “mental health” oppression. Through listening, loving, and discharging, we can heal from the “mental health” system’s mistreatment of us and reclaim our humanness. Therefore, we RCers leading MHL are at “the heart of the heart” of ending “mental health” oppression. It’s a great spot to be! We can make a key difference.

I’d like us to spread the theory of ex-inmate liberation5 more broadly in RC. We ex-inmates need to be better understood and thought about. Also, like all constituencies, we need to take ourselves seriously as Co-Counselors and continuously strengthen our counseling skills. We can discharge anything that comes up for us—for example, feelings that “we’re not the right ones” or fears of being perceived as “too intrusive.”

I would also like to see more RCers active in the wide-world MHL movement. We need to back6 each other any time we try anything, no matter how small it seems. I’ve recently started telling my story more in both formal and informal settings. I’m also making friends with wide-world MHL leaders and putting out the policy changes I’d like to see in our society. One of many things I’ve learned is that it is difficult to communicate the theory of MHL to therapists. They often feel that I am criticizing them, when I know that I am not. (I would love any tips readers might offer.)

When I really look at my significance as a “mental health” liberation leader, I get scared. I need you all in close with me, and I want you to know that I am here for you. Whenever you are thinking about this topic, I am there with you and backing you all the way.

"Henry Church"
Reprinted from the RC e-mail
discussion list for leaders of
"mental health" liberaton

1 A Region is a subdivision of the International Re-evaluation Counseling Community, usually consisting of several Areas (local RC Communities).
2 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
3 The RC e-mail discussion list for leaders of “mental health” liberation
4 Janet Foner, the International Liberation Reference Person for “Mental Health” Liberation
5 Liberation for ex-psychiatric inmates—people who have been patients in mental hospitals
6 “Back” means support.

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