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“Awesome! Joyful! Wonderful! Fulfilling!”

I have grown to appreciate restimulations. They point me to the hurt. They show me my distress patterns. My appreciation for them began after I experienced two specific restimulations with my Co-Counselors. Although we had committed to having at least a one-hour (each) session each week, two weeks passed with no sessions. I needed sessions so much, but both my Co-Counselors could not make time in their busy schedules. I felt isolated and neglected, and upset that they were not honouring their commitment.

I decided to discharge on isolation, unfulfilled promises, and a man in my life who had hurt me. It worked! I realised that the feelings were not about my Co-Counselors but about me and my hurts. I discharged. I forgave. I healed. I re-emerged. No more fuzzy clouding in that area of my mind. I was thinking straight and clearly. I took back my power. My decisiveness was restored. I felt inner joy. I became happy and more appreciative.

I am enjoying life. I am like a butterfly that flies over each person and makes their life brighter. My name, Sunshine, has become vibrant. I now purposely bring sunshine to many people’s lives. I read more RC literature and other inspirational books. A writer of life-transforming books has also emerged in me. I’m currently writing three different books. I love my life.

My Co-Counselors and I are now so committed. We have one-hour-each-way sessions at least three days a week. We have pushed ourselves to have sessions more frequently as we have realised their great effectiveness and the wonderful experience of re-emerging.

Our Co-Counseling group is fifteen-plus people. We have a healthy emerging Community. We’ve decided to start a new RC class to reach out to more people. It is Awesome! Joyful! Wonderful! Fulfilling! Thank you for RC!

Nosmilo Sunshine Dlamini
Manzini, Swaziland

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