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Appreciating Present Time

Good news! I got PRESENT TIME, April 2014. I always enjoy reading PRESENT TIME and eagerly wait every three months to have it and read it. I enjoy reading all the news about our RC process around the world.

In the April issue, I love the article “Another Look at Relationships” by Tim.1 I read it two times, laughing about “expecting more from our relationships.” Every word he says makes sense to me. I can think about my leadership in and out of RC and the relationships I have in my life. I also love the way he approaches the topic of Co-Counseling relationships. It’s helpful for me to remember the importance of building relationships and “fighting against undischarged distresses about relationships.”

I am grateful to be part of our International RC Community.

Lorena Cuéllar Barandiarán
San Salvador, El Salvador


 The April PRESENT TIME is the best ever, with a wide range of areas to think and discharge about. A wonderful service to humanity!

Claudia Allen
Thompson, Connecticut, USA


I’ve read PRESENT TIME from cover to cover for about forty years and still find it a great spur for my own re-emergence and a help and support for my teaching.

Jean Turner
Darlington, County Durham, England


I have been reading the January issue, and it is wonderful. Thanks in particular for including the pieces by Harvey “What Will We Be Like?” and “Attention Away from Distress.” The latter is priceless! I spent a whole session repeating his directions and laughing and shaking. I don’t believe that anyone but Harvey could have thought of starting a demonstration by asking is the universe big enough. What a genius! I will have more sessions on it.

Julian Weissglass
Santa Barbara, California, USA


Congratulations on the latest PRESENT TIME. I always love getting it and leafing through it the minute I get it. I appreciate everyone’s hard work to make it happen—and so regularly!

JeeYeun Lee
Chicago, Illinois, USA


PRESENT TIME is the one publication I can turn to for a rational view of the world—a view that includes the vast joy and potential of being human along with a realistic appreciation for the struggles we face, both individually and as a species.

Doug Lipman
Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA


It’s always great to come home to a PRESENT TIME in the mailbox, with perspectives on what is happening and what people are working on around the world, new thoughts and ideas on how to tackle difficult topics and patterns, brilliant pictures of benign reality everywhere.

Kendra Killian
Portland, Oregon, USA


PRESENT TIME has been a wonderful resource for thirty of my ninety-one years.

Gabrielle Falk
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA


Thank you for the incredible quality of PRESENT TIME. I read it cover to cover (well, cover to the start of Community listings). I’m enjoying this quarter’s a great deal and have been using the first four articles as amazing fodder for sessions.

Jay Edgar
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


The January issue of PRESENT TIME is a winner! Each issue seems to be better than the last. Tim’s article on taking the direction that we might have to be happy is especially useful.

George Partlow
Douglas, Alaska, and Yuma, Arizona, USA

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