Give Them Next Steps

RC disarmament work gained momentum after the 1979 RC World Conference. Large numbers of Co-Counselors got into the work, and large numbers of peace workers joined RC. Something fine has happened as a result of this.

What might be a next step? Leadership should always provide a series of reasonable next expectations so that people’s enthusiasm can build, build, build, and build. For example, after a demonstration, the people who turned out* need to have a reasonable, exciting expectation placed on them of something they can do next, which will lead to something even more crucial. It needs to be a task that appears to them as fun—not to be done out of guilt or fear but because it’s going to be fun to be with these nice people, sing along with them, and so on.

Harvey Jackins

From the July 1986 Peace and
Disarmament Activists’ Workshop

*“Turned out” means participated.

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