Wide World Leadership

I attended the Veterans’ and Allies’ Workshop led by Julian Weissglass and Jim Driscoll1 this February in Phoenix (Arizona, USA). Highlights for me (aside from all the wonderful people and the beautiful location!) were seeing how Julian and Jim continue to become better and better allies for each other, how the organizers were able to make the workshop a safe space for people to work on heavy material,2 and Julian’s little list of things to know about wide world leadership. What I remember is that he said this:

• First, you need to decide to lead—and decide to stay leading. Make up your mind3 to stick with your project for at least five years, or even better for ten or twenty.

• Second, allocate resources wisely (prioritize your time).

• Third, build alliances with people different from you.

• Fourth, remember always that all people are good, and have distress!

• And last, don’t seek perfection.

(I have emphasized that last point because for me it is the hardest to remember.)

Julian added, “Don’t wait until you feel comfortable to lead.” I’ve heard that before, but now I’m really taking it to heart.4

George Partlow
Douglas, Alaska, and Yuma, Arizona, USA

1 Julian Weissglass is the International Commonality Reference Person for Wide World Change; Jim Driscoll is the Information Coordinator for Veterans.
2 “Material” means distress.
3 “Make up your mind” means decide.
4 “Taking it to heart” means internalizing it and seeing it as significant.

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