Tips for Peace Activists

What does the peace movement need more of? In my opinion it is boldness—confidence, fierce sneering at difficulties, and the announcement that it is ridiculous that this should go on, that we’re not going to tolerate it anymore. (growls) How many of you will give me a personal pledge that your public pronouncements and comments to other people will be in a tone of righteous indignation?

Let’s also get efficient. Make every second count, every moment count. This business1 of endless things we gotta2 do, we gotta do, we gotta do—this is a patterned thing. You only have a certain number of moments each day, and the very most you can do with any particular moment is to live that one well. That’s the most you can do. You wouldn’t want to do any less, and it will be quite sufficient—I give you my personal guarantee.

Harvey Jackins

From the July 1986 Peace and
Disarmament Activists’ Workshop


1 In this context, “business” means way of functioning.

2 “We gotta” means we’ve got to, we have to.

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