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RC Translators—Share What You Are Doing!

Re-evaluation Counseling translation projects are going on* all over the world. In some language regions, a team of translators are in touch with each other and have Co-Counseling sessions with each other throughout the important and challenging work of producing an RC translation—whether it is a book, a pamphlet, or an article from Present Time. In others, only the Translation Coordinator is involved in working on and completing a translation. What I know from having been the Rational Island Publishers Translation Coordinator for many years is that every translation makes a huge difference to the Co-Counselors who get to read and absorb the RC literature in their first language.

I have heard Translation Coordinators and translators talk about wanting to share more about what works for them and what helps to break the isolation. I have also been thinking that a lot of their intense and time-consuming work is invisible to the larger RC Community. In the back of Present Time we can see the impressive list of translations, but most of us, especially English-speaking Community members, have no idea of the amount of work, dedication, and thinking that goes into them.

Maybe you who are translators could share with everyone what is happening in your language region, what your successes have been, and what has been challenging—no matter how much you have translated, lately or in the past. This would make a difference to all of you and bring us together as a worldwide community of RC translators. It would also be important for the rest of the RC Community.

I am deeply grateful to all of you for all of the work you have done.

With love,

Truus Jansen
Rational Island Publishers 
Translation Coordinator
Seattle, Washington, USA

Reprinted from the e-mail discussion
list for translators of RC literature

* “Going on” means happening.

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