Remind Each Other That All Is Well

It is important in our relationships with each other that we intensely remind each other of reality, that we make commitments to act as if we were already sure that things are all right, that all is well, all is really well. It is true, of course; but it takes a little persistence to enunciate that confidently while the grey, gluggy pseudo reality is still dripping down our faces and before we can clearly see the bright colors of reality through it. It takes a little persistence, and it takes agreements among us to act as if we always remember that all is well. That the Universe is benign. That we are admirably fitted for our role of benevolent custodians of the Universe. That within every hostile pattern is a friendly ally begging and yearning to be released by the right word. That there is no situation ever in which we don’t have allies available to us.

Harvey Jackins
From page 145 of
“The Uncovering of Reality,”
in The Benign Reality

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