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Hearing Assistive Devices

Since September 2004, Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources (RCCR) has been renting out hearing assistive devices for use at RC workshops and other RC events. They work only in the United States and Canada. (Other countries use different radio frequencies.)

We’ve received good reports from people who have used the devices. No matter where they are sitting in the audience, people are able to clearly hear the speakers in the front of the room.

The leader/speaker wears a microphone and transmitter, and the people with impaired hearing wear headsets attached to pocket-sized receivers. 


For workshops with participants who speak a language other than the workshop leader, a Hearing Helper set can be used for interpreting. The interpreter wears a microphone and transmitter. The listener wears a headset and receiver. The interpreter may sit anywhere in the room, often to the side or in the back. This allows him or her to speak with full voice and the listeners to hear the interpretation clearly.

Organizers of events may rent hearing helpers for $60 (U.S.). A standard set includes a microphone and transmitter and receivers with headsets to serve four to eight people. For an additional fee and depending on availability, additional receivers with headsets may be added to accommodate more people.

Due to increased demand, we encourage organizers who wish to rent this equipment to notify us at Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources a minimum of three weeks before the event (earlier requests are given priority). The equipment must be returned to RCCR the day after your event so that it will be available to others.

For more information and to check availability, e-mail us at: (put Hearing Helper in the subject line). Please include the title of the event, the event dates, the organizer’s name and e-mail address, and how many people with low hearing you need to accommodate.

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