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“Today’s Thought”

Dear RC users of electronic media,

The home page of the RC website now hosts “Today’s Thought.” This RC thought about the world—usually from Harvey Jackins or me—changes daily.

Many people have requested assistance in making this page the home page of their Internet browser. If you do that, the RC home page, and this thought about reality, will be the first thing that appears on your screen when you log on to the Internet.

There are many different types of web browsers. We have written out below, for the three most common types, how to make the RC website and “Today’s Thought” the home page. Try these instructions and see if having an RC thought as your starting point helps you to hold perspective.

With love and appreciation,
Tim Jackins

For Safari

1) Open Safari.

2) Open

3) Choose PREFERENCES from the Safari menu and click GENERAL.

4) At the “Home Page” setting, click SET TO CURRENT PAGE.


For Mozilla Firefox

1) Open Mozilla Firefox.

2) Open

3) On a Mac, choose PREFERENCES from the Firefox menu and click GENERAL. On Windows, choose TOOLS menu and click OPTIONS.

4) At the “Home Page” setting, click SET TO CURRENT PAGE.


For Internet Explorer

1) Open Internet Explorer.

2) Open

3) Click TOOLS on the Menu bar, then choose INTERNET OPTIONS. Internet Options dialog box appears.

4) Click the GENERAL tab.


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