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The Benefits of Teaching RC

About a month ago I talked to my Co-Counseling class about the benefits I get from teaching RC. I wanted to let them know that I teach for myself, not as a sacrifice for other people, and that the rewards of teaching are well worth the effort. Here’s the list of benefits I shared with them, in no particular order:

  • Staying close to RC theory—being reminded of this important information as I think about and prepare for the class, especially by reading the RC literature I assign to my students
  • Seeing my significance—making a difference to people in a big, visible way that even I can’t deny
  • Getting sessions that I wouldn’t otherwise get, that I might not have even noticed I needed—having to feel and face things in order to think about someone or make the class go well
  • Sometimes getting to teach a class designed around what I need as a client—getting to think about myself as one of the members of my class
  • Receiving extra resource from the RC Community because I teach—having more contact with other RC leaders, who are often the best counselors in the organization
  • Being immersed in meaningful work
  • Building available resources for myself—having excellent counselors in my town because I have recruited and taught them
  • Expanding my influence through others—seeing my students improve the world around them, especially in their activism and parenting, in a way that they couldn’t have if I hadn’t taught them RC
  • Contradicting feelings of victimization and powerlessness
  • Giving back to this wonderful Community that has given so much to me
  • Putting some money in my pocket to help offset the fees I pay for RC workshops, classes, Intensives,1 and so on
  • Teaching a class in my own home—not having to travel for my weekly RC class
  • Receiving the appreciation, love, and devotion of my students—when you share RC with someone, and they really get2 it, you have won their heart.
  • Gaining the rewards of accountability—if I teach a class on addictions, I’m less likely to act on my addictions because I want to “practice what I preach”
  • Accelerating my own re-emergence—many of the above make the discharge process work more quickly for me
  • Busting my isolation—at least once a week a wonderful group of people arrive at my home to spend time with me, and I usually have close contact with one or more of them between classes
  • Having an incentive to keep my place tidy—my students coming over reminds me that I want to bring beauty and order to my home
  • Meeting with my assistant before and after each class, thus getting extra closeness and discharge each time the class meets

This is my list. What’s yours?

Glenn Johnson
Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA
Reprinted from the e-mail
discussion list for RC teachers

1 An Intensive is twenty hours of one-way Re-evaluation Counseling, for a fee, at Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources, in Seattle, Washington, USA.
2 “Get” means understand.

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