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“Standing Guard”

A useful tool for activists is standing guard. Just go to a person—your tired person, your burnt-out person—and say, “I’ve got a half hour. For a half hour I will stand guard. Lean back and close your eyes; if you want to be held, I’ll hold you. I promise you that nothing in your world can go wrong that you could possibly do anything about by staying alert and tense. Just rest. All is well.”

Some start talking about how tired they are, and yawning. Some of them lean back and cry, and some of them fall asleep. Some fall asleep standing up. Everybody knows what they need to do.

You have to be believable. That’s the only thing. When I say all is well, they believe that all is well. I make my voice sound like that. Basic reality is fine. If a nuclear holocaust happens tomorrow, all is still fine. We did a damn good job as far as we got. We can take satisfaction.

Harvey Jackins
From the July 1986 Peace
and Disarmament Activists’ Workshop


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