Subscriptions Oriented Toward RC Teachers

Over the past year we’ve encountered some misunderstanding about the RC literature subscriptions that are specifically oriented toward RC teachers. Two very different kinds of subscriptions are available to RC teachers. Here is a brief explanation of the two and the differences between them:

•  RC Teacher Packets are packets of newly published RC literature—mostly printed literature, such as books and journals, but also sometimes digital media (DVDs). Most RC teachers who speak English well are expected to subscribe to the Teacher Packets (this is clearly stated on the Request for Certification as an RC Teacher form). But you do not need to be an RC teacher in order to subscribe. Teacher Packets are typically distributed every twelve to eighteen months, vary in content each time depending upon what has been recently released, and are invoiced at the time of shipment. Your Teacher Packet subscription will remain in effect until you cancel it, even if you stop being an RC teacher.

•  RC Teacher Update (RCTU) CD subscriptions are completely optional and consist of quarterly CDs of recent workshop talks by Tim Jackins. The subscriptions are available only to certified RC Teachers; must be prepaid; are not automatically renewed; and are for a fixed term of one, two, or three calendar years (for example, for 2014, 2015, and 2016), at $25 (U.S.) per year. If you have a current RCTU CD subscription, you will be notified when your subscription expires.


To subscribe to RC Teacher Packets, please e-mail your request and current mailing address to <>. You will receive your first Teacher Packet when it becomes available. Depending on timing, this could be as much as a year after you first subscribe. (Meanwhile, of course, you are welcome to order any RC literature you want.)

If you are an RC teacher and want to subscribe to the RC Teacher Update (RCTU) CDs, subscriptions cost $25 per year ($27.50 for residents of Washington State, USA) and are available for up to three years. To order a subscription by credit card on the Rational Island website, search on the title “RC Teacher Update subscription” and select the option you prefer. Or you may place your credit card order by calling the office in Seattle (9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time, at +1-206-284-0311). If you prefer to pay by check, please e-mail <> to request an order form you can send with your payment.

If you are not an RC teacher and would like to purchase the RC Teacher Update CDs, you may purchase them individually for $10 each (U.S.), plus shipping and handling. Past years’ sets (four CDs per set) may be purchased for $25 per set, plus shipping and handling, depending on availability. For more information, Contact Rational Island Publishers at:

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