Our Choice

The principal reason why people are not taking charge of the situation and eliminating the patterns, oppression, and danger of nuclear holocaust is the existence of large numbers of patterns on everyone. (There is also a tremendous amount of misinformation, which is perpetuated by the oppressive society, and a lack of communication between people and a lack of leadership.)

If people can just begin taking turns listening to each other, the recovery process can begin and, if persisted in, will accelerate. And all the people of the world, in all their different groups, can come to a common agreement, eliminate oppression and the danger of war, and have a world that modern technology would allow us to convert and restore very quickly to a Garden of Eden.

We have a very real choice between, on the one hand, a future Garden of Eden for our children and, on the other, the complete destruction of all complex life. Taking turns listening to each other, and the rest of what we call Re-evaluation Counseling, is the most hopeful way we’ve found so far for helping to make that choice in a good direction.

Harvey Jackins
From “Open Question
Evening in Copenhagen,”
on pages 54 to 55 of
Start Over Every Morning

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