Appreciating Present Time 

Thank you for sending to me PRESENT TIME October 2013. I got it today, and I am so thrilled reading every page. I appreciate all the love and care that this involves. Muchas gracias (many thanks).

María Lorena Cuéllar Barandiarán
San Salvador, El Salvador

My lifelong Co-Counselor and I have appreciated and enjoyed the October 2013 PRESENT TIME as an illuminating and educational resource. Thank you all!

Sojourner Truth
Seattle, Washington, USA

Thanks for making PRESENT TIME very easy to read and also inviting to read and look through.

Jan Venderbos
Wegea, Fryslân, The Netherlands

As a middle-class person, I thoroughly appreciate PRESENT TIME for how much information it provides. I sense that my class upbringing has involved distresses that keep me from learning about (the sometimes harsh) reality. I am now learning about hopeful things that are happening in places where I thought there was no hope. I am also learning details about the history of the Jews that are not so pleasant but nonetheless a part of reality and that I want to learn about.

Thanks to PRESENT TIME and all its contributors. I think that means you!

Benjamin Altman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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