Moving Forward in Nigeria

The recent workshops in Unizik, Abagana, and Awka (Nigeria) were the outcome of many years’ work—work that was begun by Melphy Sakupwanya1 about eight years ago.

Until recently I was fighting lots of distresses—busyness, discouragement, hopelessness, and having unattainable expectations—that affected the development and sustainability of these RC Communities. After many Co-Counseling sessions and lots of discharge, I made up my mind2 to jump in and run ahead.

A highlight at the Unizik workshop was seeing Chioma3 radiating as she led. She flowed from one topic to the other with ease. When she called for a session, everyone was in a hurry to discharge on early childhood distresses. It was easy for me to appreciate Melphy once again, and I was not the only person who saw a big piece of Mama4 in Chioma. The crowning highlight of the workshop was formally organizing the Nnamdi Azikiwe University RC Community and choosing Rev. Prof. Anayo Nkamnebe as the Area Reference Person and Chineze Obi-Okoye as the Alternate. I am persuaded that before long the great capacity within the university community will be realized.

The Abagana workshop was emotion-filled for me because of my attachment to the development of RC in that Community. During the introductions and “good news,” I suddenly remembered that the Community had been up and running for five years. My eyes and mouth were wide open at people’s appreciation and understanding of basic RC theory. I was elated at their level of commitment. Chioma and the support team were also impressed. It was interesting to watch the support team handle the various topics assigned to them by Chioma and to see them lead. The entertainment and refreshments stood out.5 (We had a purely traditional paino6 meal, and I loved it!)

Re-evaluation Counseling at Abagana Girls’ Secondary School has come a long way in improving the relations between teachers and students and among the teachers. Princess Chinwe Agwuna7 has, over time, offered them a great resource. No wonder they have all accepted her continued leading of that community.

Sadly, I could not attend the Awka workshop.

Finally, let me use this opportunity to remind the new leadership to have sessions and discharge on a regular basis. That will make leading in RC a lot easier. Welcome to the new experience!

Kingsley Chimedu Ibekwe
Enugu, Nigeria

1 Melphy Sakupwanya is the former Regional Reference Person for Sub-Saharan Africa.
2 “Made up my mind” means decided.
3 Chioma Okonkwo, the Area Reference Person for Lagos, Nigeria
4 “Mama” is Melphy Sakupwanya.
5 “Stood out” means were particularly good.
6 Paino means soup and fufu (a starchy food made by boiling a vegetable, like cassava, yams, or plantain, and pounding it into a dough-like consistency).
7 Princess Chinwe Agwuna is an RC leader in Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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