RC Community Activity in 2012

We sent a list of questions to all the 219 Area1 Reference Persons about the level of RC activity in their Areas in 2012. Almost every one of them responded. The information gathered gives us a picture of the amount of RC activity in organized Areas around the world in that year.

It does not include data from unorganized Areas—now called Developing Communities—or from activities that happened on a Regional level. (There are 1,095 certified RC teachers in organized Areas and 435 in Developing Communities.)

Here are the numbers:

• 49,262 people actively Co-Counseling
  (having weekly sessions and attending Area events)

• 443 fundamentals class series

• 476 ongoing class series

• 200 Area leaders’ class series

• 365 Area workshops

• 124 Area playdays2

• 1,038 Area support groups meeting regularly

Diane Shisk
Alternate International
Reference Person
Seattle, Washington, USA

1 An Area is a local RC Community.
2 A playday is a several-hour RC workshop that includes time for children to do whatever safe activities they want to do, with the encouragement and appreciation of the adults present, and to discharge if they wish. It also includes discharge time for the Adults.

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