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Appreciating Our Fathers

In a greeting-card store, while looking for a Father’s Day card, I saw a section of cards that I had never seen before. It was labeled “Father’s Day—Appreciation.” The cards were quite touching, and I bought one and sent it to my dad.

Later in a local men’s support group I was leading, I talked about appreciating our fathers—having gratitude for what they did to care for us, teach us, provide for us, and get us here. Each of us had time as client, and I think we all struggled to fully take the direction and hold the perspective of thanks and appreciation. But I did hear stories about the men’s relationships with their dads that I had never heard before and that showed more of the closeness and connection they’d had with their fathers. I think it was useful to try to move our minds toward the place of fully appreciating our dads.

Mike Markovits
Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Reprinted from the RC e-mail
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