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Sunday, July 28

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Becoming Freer and Freer

The decisive, breakthrough foundation of RC is simply that what the society says you must not do, which is cry, shake, “rant,” yawn, laugh, and talk and talk and talk and be listened to—this whole process that society suppresses—is exactly what people need to do! It’s hard at first to help each other because we’ve been trained not to, but if we do help each other, marvelous things happen.

Once you catch up, once you’ve discharged a lot, most things you used to need a session about don’t bother you anymore. Most things that happen to me nowadays I’m relaxed about. There are a few things I’m still working on. But there are a thousand things that bother other people terribly that don’t bother me at all. People at workshops will say, “What do you do if someone criticizes you?” And if I can get them to get up and criticize me, I can show them. I say, “Thank you. I needed that information.” And the person says, “Hunh,” and criticizes me some more. And I say, “That’s very thoughtful of you. Thank you very much.” They start to laugh.

Step by step, you become freer and freer.

Harvey Jackins
From “Open Question
Evening in Copenhagen,” 
on pages 50 to 51 of
Start Over Every Morning

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