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New CDs from Rational Island Publishers

Challenging the Limits of Internalized Racism

A talk by Barbara Love,
the International Liberation Reference
Person for African-Heritage People
(CD #1003)

This CD offers a look into the work of Black liberation at the Black Liberation and Community Development Workshop. In this talk from 2010, Barbara speaks candidly about the content and effects of the racism directed atAfrican-heritage people. She stresses rejecting the oppressive messages, discharging their effects, and completely claiming the goodness, brilliance, and beauty of Black people.

$10.00 (U.S.), plus postage and handling


Talks from the 2011 Ottawa Workshop (A 3-CD set)

by Tim Jackins, with interpretation into French
(CD #1004)

At a 2011 Ottawa, Canada, RC workshop, Tim Jackins talks about

the importance of RC
our importance, and fighting for ourselves
counseling on early hurts
oppressive societies
discouragement and oppression
the growth of RC Communities
RC literature
and more!

$25.00 (U.S.), plus postage and handling


Communications à l’atelier Ottawa 2011 (collection de 3-CD)

par Tim Jackins, avec interprétation en français
(CD #1004)

Lors d’un atelier de Co-écoute à Ottawa (Canada) en 2011, Tim Jackins communique sur

l’importance de la Co-écoute
notre importance, et comment lutter pour nous-mêmes
travailler sur les blessures précoces
les sociétés oppressives
découragement et oppression
le développement des Communautés
la littérature de Co-écoute
et plus encore!

$25.00 (U.S.), plus frais d’envoi

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