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Proud to Be Part of This Project

Thank you for inviting me to the 2013 World Conference, the first one that I could attend. I am proud to be part of this project and organization and of making it the most decisive influence in the world. Re-evaluation Counseling, in my view, is the most advanced and smartest way of getting and staying organised. 

The conference provided me the opportunity for discharge, thinking together with people, and getting my mind back fully. Everywhere I looked, there was somebody for me. It gave me a glimpse of how our world can and will look with so much free attention around us. 

One highlight was an exchange student (not part of the conference) I met during lunchtime who was so interested in and open to RC that he wrote down the address of the RC web site on his hand. 

Another was how Tim1 led the discussions about the Guidelines2 and the new goal. Above all, it was a demonstration of what smart and relaxed leadership can look like. He sometimes had to make decisions for the group, and yet he had us all involved and participating from the start and took what we came up with3 seriously. 

Goof Buijs   
Broek in Waterland, the Netherlands

1 Tim Jackins
2 The Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities — the policies for the RC Communities
3 “Came up with” means thought of.

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