An Adult Male Workshop in Nigeria

The first-ever RC adult male (thirty-one years and over) workshop in Nigeria took place on the sixth day of April, 2013, in Ikeja, Lagos. It was led by Mrs. Chioma Okonkwo.

The high point of the workshop was the discussion about the challenges confronting adult males today. Participants appeared to agree that the major challenges are marriage and finances.

They agreed that the rate of divorce is high because of wrong relationships, egocentrism, and parental and peer pressure—all due to distress patterns that can be overcome by applying RC principles.

Male adults are largely unable to meet their financial obligations to self, spouse, children, other relatives, and friends. Men who lack the finances to meet their obligations are usually taunted, abused, or neglected by friends, family members, and the society at large, which is unfortunately becoming increasingly materialistic.

In spite of these challenges, the participants agreed that they were happy being men.

Henry Ndubuisi Njoku
Lagos, Nigeria

It was interesting to be among these wonderful adults in the meeting. I learned how to deal with distresses facing my home and community.

Babatunde K. Olaogun
Lagos, Nigeria

We were asked what the most beautiful thing and the worst thing were about being a man. It was the first time I had been asked such a question. I begin now to remember what I enjoy most about being a man.

We talked about being a counsellor, and confidentiality. We are not to tell anybody what we hear during a session unless the client authorises us to do so. Mrs. Chioma Okonkwo emphasised the power of listening and how listening is the key to a successful Co-Counselling arrangement. She said no to drunkenness and drugs and explained that the essence of RC is to re-emerge into our real selves and take charge.

I was glad to be part of this great workshop of men and am happy because it was a sign of RC developing in Nigeria.

Sean Presto
(Iloakasia Leonard)
Lagos, Nigeria

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