Thoughts about Health

The following are some thoughts about health that I sometimes use in workshops I lead:

• Our bodies are wonders of nature.

• Chronic pain is the second most common reason people go see a doctor.

• Pain can make us lose perspective. It feels soooo real!

• Our bodies are receptacles for undischarged feelings.

• Hopelessness can set in with the undischarged distress from surgery, anesthesia, and chronic physical conditions.

• Whether or not we are able to function with pain or injury is affected by how much we keep our attention off distress (outside of Co-Counseling sessions).

• Because something worked for somebody doesn’t mean it will work for everybody.

• We often either naively trust or rigidly don’t trust.

• Underneath symptoms is wellness.

• Hope feeds action. Action feeds hope. Discharging discouragement leads to hope.

• Along with hope, we must be strategic and keep up the fight against distress.

• Our bodies are wonders of nature.

Pam Geyer
International Liberation Reference Person for Elders
Bellaire, Texas, USA

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