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The workshop leader was about to come in, and we were getting ready to gather. Two lovely young adults started to do a beautiful partner dance with some funk. All of a sudden someone shut down the dance, told the young adults that they needed to help people gather, and said to me, ”You’re on songs. Can we get something going to gather people?”

Dancing was part of the gathering! As we age, we get confused about dancing and using our bodies at workshops. By not dancing, we are oppressing young adults! As I led the songs for the rest of the workshop, I made sure to have the young adults come up and dance—front and center. We gathered just fine and in record time.

Young adults haven’t forgotten how to move and play in this way, and it needs to be supported by older folk who may be restimulated. The next time you are at a workshop, don’t forget to move and dance. Support the young adults around you by participating in a great way to be alive—dancing!

Jennifer Berry

Glendale, California, USA

(Present Time 171, April 2013)

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