Regaining Connection with Teens

Dear Tim (Jackins) and Sara (Woodsmith),

I wanted to share with you what I came home with from the Teens and Families Workshop. It changed my relationships with my three-year-old and seven-year-old children.

By discharging and regaining connection with and respect for teens, I regained respect for my children and the children whom I teach. I have since noticed that a day doesn't go by when someone doesn't make a comment about the impending doom of the coming teen years.

This daily distress coming at parents, saying that we will soon have to lose respect for our children, chips away at our believing in their still-intact complete goodness and our hope of staying completely connected. Noticing this, as well as discharging on my own teen years, has given me back part of my children that I didn't know I was losing. They are more interesting to me now!

Cory Vangelder
Woodacre, California, USA


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