"New and Wonderful" in Bangalore, India

I am Sashikala, age sixteen. I am in Bangalore, the southern part of India. I've known RC for three years. We had a one-day RC workshop in March, led by Arasu and organised by Suresh and Mahesh. There were fifty-two participants. What happened at that workshop was new and wonderful.

First we were asked to say our names and a few pleasant things that had happened so far that morning. Then we had counselling for ten minutes. After that Suhasini did a demonstration, followed by more counselling.

Next we had support groups for young people and a support group for RC leaders. We said our names, what we had gained from counselling, what we had done as RC leaders, and "I am a leader."

After a lunch break we sang songs. Everyone enjoyed it. There was lots of laughing. We discharged through the songs. What great discharge!

In the afternoon we had another demonstration in which there was much "wild" crying. Many of those watching became clients (even though most of us prefer to stay in the counsellor role). Those who became clients were counselled by the young people and young adults. This made us feel happy and proud. There was continuous crying. It was a new and wonderful experience not expected by any of us.

Then Suresh explained about the fundamentals of Co-Counselling, followed by more demonstrations with good discharge. At the end we said what we had liked about the day, and we appreciated the leader and the organisers.

What a great thing! Yes, RC has developed in Bangalore. Bangalore has become the "motherland" of young and young-adult Co-Counsellors. I am proud to say that I am one of the RCers in the Bangalore RC group.

Bangalore, India


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