Social Workers

As social workers we support people to heal from their hurts and make their lives the way they want them. However, we are often bound by the institutions we work in and by laws and regulations. Our fears can keep us from making strong connections with our fellow social workers.

Social workers in the Netherlands are first-line 'mental health' workers, though we don't get paid as much, or have as much status, as psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists.

Many social workers are afraid to show how we really feel and think. Having worked in the 'mental health' system (and in some cases, having been 'clients' as well), we know what can happen to people who 'do not control their feelings.' (I have long been too scared to show my feelings at my work.) This is why I think it is important for social workers to connect with each other and share and feel our emotions.

Please tell me about your connection with social work and how RC relates to that. It just might make a difference!

Huibert Venderbos
Information Coordinator for Social Workers


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