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From "The Reclaming of Power"...

The oppressive society, in order to survive and perpetuate its oppression of the population, must, of necessity, seek to alienate us from each other. It must seek continually to sow suspicion of each other among us, to make us appear to each other as inhuman and untrustworthy, to pit us against each other and to tell us that "the others" are incapable, irrational, or evil. . . .

In RC we consistently push to recognize and claim the humanness in ourselves and in each other. We seek to learn to trust each other, to learn to cooperate. We remind each other continually that within every pattern there is a person -- good, dependable, and a natural ally of ourselves. We seek to promote unity among the various groups that have been divided from each other by the operation of the oppression.

Harvey Jackins


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