The Life of My Dreams

I am just back from a wonderful Co-Counseling workshop at which the leader encouraged us to imagine "the life of our dreams." I will share with you what mine might look like.

The life of my dreams is one in which I am free to be myself: strong, loving, lovable, flexible, inspiring, funny, relaxed, and more. It is a life in which I don't pretend to be "normal"; in which I don't need to pretend anything. I can just be real.

It includes living where I care about my neighbors and they care about me -- where I know that if I am having a hard time, I can turn to anybody in the community and he or she will give me the attention I need to discharge so that I can notice again who I really am; where everybody reflects back to me what a good person I am and where I do the same for them; where anybody who attacks another receives just as good healing attention as the person being attacked, so that attacks become a thing of the past. (We have better ways to resolve our differences.)

It is a life in which I enjoy my work and make new friends each day, in which I reach out to others, just because that's the way I am.

It is a life in which physical touch is safe and freely shared.

It is a life in which injustice is not suffered in silence.

It is a life in which I sing with my co-workers -- as we prepare a meal, or pull weeds in the garden, or put in landscaping.

It is a life full of play: playing with young people and people of all ages, dancing, reading, acting, making music, creating skits, laughing together, learning things together, speaking many languages together.

It's a life in which my tears of joy and grief are welcomed and I can feel my terror and come out the other side, feeling my strength again.

Myra Bair
Prescott, Arizona, USA
Reprinted from the newsletter of the
Phoenix, Arizona, RC Community

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