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From the editor

This July 2000 Present Time begins with excerpts from several of Harvey Jackins' talks at early RC workshops. Tim Jackins writes about the centrality of eliminating racism, about "physical counseling," and about learning from women about relationships. There are ideas for how to counsel men on "rage," thoughts from Patty Wipfler about parents' liberation and capitalism, an interview with Yuho Asaka on the building of the Japanese RC Community, and reports on the first Palestinian Workshop for Healing the Hurts of Racism. These and numerous other articles are interspersed with many lovely photographs and drawings.

Once again there is a section for remembering Harvey. Upcoming issues of Present Time will continue to have several pages for people's memories and thoughts about Harvey. We hope you keep sending them in.

For the October Present Time, articles, poems, and artwork need to reach us by August 25th; workshop announcements and list changes by September 1st.

Lisa Kauffman, Editor
719 Second Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98109, USA

(Present Time No. 120, July 2000)

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