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I would like to tell you what we did at the Teachers' and Leaders' Workshop held here on September 5. This was a workshop on Harvey.

Around thirty people came, mainly from the Tokyo area. In the morning, three of us talked about Harvey-the memories we had and how he affected our lives. Then everyone had sessions on thinking about Harvey and how Harvey and RC had affected our lives. After that, each person talked about him for a minute. There were a lot of things we said.

We learned:

  • how to love and accept ourselves
  • the importance of taking leadership
  • that everyone is equal
  • that we have the power to change the world
  • that we are okay just the way we are
  • that we never have to give up
  • that Harvey was an equal to us, so we do not have to look up at him as a god
  • that we have been loved
  • that we can tell RC to others
  • that we have the courage to face reality and remember that we have power to fight
  • that even if we never met Harvey, we know he loved us
  • that we have a lot of people who care and love
  • that RC has a great theory to turn over the oppressive society
  • that life is benign
  • that RC is now spread all over the world so Harvey does not have to worry anymore.

Tokyo, Japan

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