Many Lovely Experiences

Generally, since getting back from my Intensive at Personal Counselors, I've been having a wonderful time. As I was leaving the Intensive, I was deciding to adopt an attitude of openness, caring, and delight toward fellow humans, including "strangers" I meet on the street. I have had many lovely experiences, just in the last several days, through acting on this decision.

Monday morning my car broke down on the freeway, and I pushed past some feelings to start a conversation with the tow-truck driver, an older Latino man. By the time we got to the service station we felt like fast friends. I could tell we had really brightened each other's day. I had several other opportunities during the next two days while my car was getting repaired-riding the bus and subway and getting rides from service station employees-to connect with people who were brand new to me. I realized how deeply satisfying it is to make these connections with people I meet briefly. It's been relaxing, it gets my attention out, and it's very reassuring about the nature of reality (people's goodness and inherent desire to be close). I feel impressed with the people in my city! Since I've been practicing this, I've also noticed what wonderful smiles and expressions of caring so many people (whom I do not know) have for me. It may be partly that I'm more aware, but I really do think people are responding to me quite differently. It's amazing how powerful a facial expression of openness and zest is.

Kris Potter
Los Angeles, California,

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