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One Possible Way to Weaken Capitalist Oppression: Non-Acceptance of Inheritance

After reading several good articles about the hurts owning-class people experience and the uncaring ways of our oppressive capitalist society, I realized that one way to stop this mad perpetuation of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer is to not accept owning-class inheritance. That wealth could instead be given back to the people through various liberation programs.

If the Nike Chief Executive Officer, for example, knew that his children would use their inheritance not for themselves but for the common good of all people, his ambition to exploit workers in Indonesia might be tempered. For what would owning-class people continue the pattern of exploitation except to build a comfortable nest for their children to keep them at the top? Greed is based on 'me and my family first' thinking. But as we know, by lifting off other people's oppression we lift off our own.

I am deciding not to accept my husband's inheritance if his spirit moves on to greater pastures before me. I decide every day to base my security on cooperative, intimate relationships with many people. Thank you, Chuck Collins, and many others for your good example, and 'Jasper,' Harvey, Jo Saunders, and others for your good thinking.

Petra Hinsch
Mendocino, California,

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