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Our workshop and Pre-World-Conference Conference were wonderful. One-hundred-and-twenty people came. For the first time at one of our large workshops, many men came. In the support group time, we had a men's group for men whose partners were active in RC. My partner told me that it was very interesting to hear other men's experiences. Diane Balser spoke clearly about sexism and men's oppression. Many young adults told me they were impressed with Diane and learned a lot.

There were many people from China, the Philippines, and the United States. In the last two or three years I have discharged a lot of guilt feelings about Asian people, and I realized I didn't have guilty feelings towards them this time. That was very good. My father went to China for three years in the army and was in a concentration camp in Siberia for four years after that. He told me many things about being in the concentration camp as a prisoner, but he never told me about his experiences in China. The victim side is easier to talk about than the oppressor side. The Japanese killed more than twenty million people in Asia during World War II. The Jews were killed by Hitler, but it was six million. It is stupid to compare numbers, but our education system never taught us about this. I had to find out for myself by reading books.

I was so proud of the people from the Philippines, especially one woman from my non-governmental organization. (I am organizing a small non-governmental organization for children with disabilities in the Philippines.)

Tim Jackins and Diane Balser were a good combination. Tim talked about basic things about Co-Counseling. Diane talked about the Guidelines and goals. One highlight for me was Li Mei Ge's moving self-estimation. She is very sincere and honest as a leader. I want to help her more. If we could talk easily, it would be easier to help. But the situation in China makes it difficult.

I made a decision that in the next five years I will find someone in Vietnam or Cambodia. I have some contact with people with disabilities. Through this network I can teach some RC series like we did in the Philippines. Please wait for good news. I think the Japanese Community is doing quite well. You can count on us.

Yuho Asaka

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