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Supporting Each Other

At this year's East Coast USA Educational Change Leaders' Workshop, I called together a topic table for young adults at lunch one day. One of the questions I asked them was, 'How can we as young adults support each other better?' I thought the list of answers we generated got to the core of our internalized oppression and offered some inspiring contradictions.

  • We need to work to have the kind of intense, loving friendships with each other that we had when we were younger.
  • We need to be real with each other about our lives. This means showing our struggles and not pretending.
  • We should not be afraid of each other or afraid to be tough on each other's patterns.
  • We need to organize each other for wide-world change.
  • We should take each other seriously.
  • We should show our caring for each other more openly.
  • We need to give up trying to get more (of whatever it is) for ourselves and make close relationships with each other more of a priority.
  • We need to recognize that being independent does not have to mean being alone. We should give up competition and get close.
  • In addition to having fun and playing together, we should spend time sharing our goals, dreams, and current work with each other, even if it feels like these aren't 'good enough.'

Mika Dashman
Bronxville, New York,

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