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There will be a World Conference of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities this year. Ten preliminary conferences are being held in various parts of the world. Discussion is taking place at all these conferences towards updating the goals of Re-evaluation Counseling.


To establish clearly, publicly, and definitively, the distinction between intelligent thinking and the 'pseudo-thinking' which arises from false information, distress recordings, the operations of the oppressive society, greed, or dishonesty. To clarify that complete freedom to express differences of opinion on any question is a necessary preliminary to reaching enlightened and accurate positions but that this freedom is not to be confused with the acceptance or tolerance of irrational positions for the sake of greed, of maintaining past traditions, or of maintaining oppression.


As representatives of and supporters of Re-evaluation Counseling theory and practice, to assume a bold, public presence, openly sharing RC as a possible source of correct thinking and policy for all human beings. The increasing clarity of our theory, the growing confidence possessed by our leadership, and the largely-unpublicized but far-reaching respect in which RC is held are giving us a basis for doing this.


To model for the world the importance of maintaining integrity and courage in all human activities. To share with the world what we have learned about how to do this.


To maintain effective unity of all Re-evaluation Counselors and their organizations and at the same time encourage the development of bold, individual initiatives by all Co-Counselors.


To establish continuing and ongoing growth of every RC Community organization as the dependable indication of healthy functioning.


To plan and begin to carry out a great expansion of the preparation, translation, and circulation of all varieties of RC literature and other means of communicating RC on a worldwide scale.

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