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From the Editor
Present Time No. 108 (Vol.29 No. 3)

The World Conference of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities will be held in November of 1997. This issue of Present Time begins with the proposed goals for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities for the next four years, which will be discussed at this conference.

Also in this issue, several people challenge some often-unquestioned attitudes and assumptions: Debbie Newton writes about the necessity of having trainde personal assistants for disabled people at RC workshops; Molnar Gabriella of Hungary and Victor Nicassio of Arab heritage claim an Asian identity; Jo Saunders reminds white Western people that their wealth arose from the slave trade; Maggie Washa, an ex-Catholic, proposes that the Catholic Church may be oppressive by its very nature; Julian Weissglass raises pointed questions about RC and social change. There are also some interesting reposts on the East-Asian Pre-World-Conference Conference; several good articles on men's liberation; news from Uganda, Mauritius, China, Sweden, and many other countries; and much more.

For the October Present Time: articles, poems, and artwork need to reach us by September 2nd; workshop announcements and list changes by September 8th. (Please send us your doodles, drawings, and photographs!)

Lisa Kauffman
719 Second Avenue North

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