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From the Editor
Present Time No. 105 (Vol. 28 No. 4)

This issue of Present Time reflects our ever-deepening understanting of the different oppressions. Articles by Christine Marie and Paul Whyte further reveal the effects of sexism and men's oppression and ways to move against them, as do Madeleine Scott's article on "Handling Housework" and Cherie Brown's description of a Jewish Men's Workshop. Micheline Mason's "Inclusion, the Intentional Rebuilding of Community" discusses the unnatural organization of our present-day societies and the central importance of including disable people. Workshop reports by Francie Chew, Cheng Imm Tan, and Robert Yanas show how Asian liberation is progressing in the United States. Dan Nickerson writes about a useful format for work on class oppression.

Re-evaluation Counseling continues to reach more broadly. There are reports of RC among Sudanese people and in Cameroon, among homeless people in Scotland, and at a Youth Hotline in Chine

We are always in need of artwork for Present Time. Please consider sending some of your drawings, doodles, and photographs.

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Seattle, Washington 98109, USA

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